A 2020 Graduating Senior’s Reflections

Casey Weaver:  “I am often taken aback by how special my time at All That Jazz has been. There is nothing else like mastering the drawback shuffle combo across the floor, hip-hop recital dance battles, show-and-tell on a Tuesday night, and leaping to “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” (who knew a song could become so relatable?)  And some of my favorite memories from All That Jazz do reside in the hairspray-filled hallways and blinding lights of the recital stage.

But I think in the future what I’ll miss most are the Zoom share-outs, Miss Deb delivering my costumes right to my doorstep, watching and rewatching videos from Miss Heather’s kitchen, and dancing in my basement knowing everyone else is out there also trying not to bump into furniture.

I am eternally grateful that all the teachers have worked so hard over the past few months to keep giving us the same sense of pride and community that we’ve felt in years past. But I am in no way surprised because I’ve always known that the love and support of All That Jazz extends no matter the circumstance.

After graduation, next year I will be attending Tufts University to study chemistry and probably some other things! I cannot wait to continue dancing knowing that All That Jazz has given me confidence, so many laughs, and a place to feel truly like myself. Thank you for everything!”

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