Family- our first highlighted Core Value

Family.  One of our core values, along with Passion & Fun, Inclusion, Teamwork, and Building Self-Esteem.  Each month I will highlight on one of these core values in my final thoughts section.  Family seems like the perfect one to kick off this new tradition!

I’d like to begin by quickly introducing myself and my family to those of you who may not already know us.  I grew up here in Newton and attended school at Claflin (now defunct), Peirce, Day and Newton North.  I graduated from Bowdoin College in Maine in 1995- yes, I am THAT old!  In 1998, I accomplished my life-long dream of opening my own dance studio.  

My husband Todd and I decided that we wanted to raise our family in Newton, so we moved back here in 2009.  We are the proud parents of Gabby, a senior in high school and member of the All That Jazz class of ’22, and Matty, a freshman in high school.

For the past 23 years, I have viewed my staff, our students and their families as a very important addition to our Vogel family.  It’s always been paramount to me that I know each and every student’s name regardless of whether they are in my actual classes or not.  I want kids to know that they all matter at All That Jazz.  My staff are trained professionals, not just in terms of dancing skills, but also in terms of being true educators.

We treat our dancers with respect and love.  And, in return, they treat each other with kindness and support.  Our dance studio is a home away from home for many of our students and one that is filled with happiness and joy.  And, for all of these reasons and so many more, this is why one of our core values is Family.

party at all that jazz

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