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Teamwork.  One of the core values of All That Jazz, along with Family, Passion & Fun, Inclusion, and Building Self-Esteem.  As I said in my October newsletter, each month I will highlight on one of these core values in my final thoughts section.  Last month, I began with family (if you either missed the email or are newly intrigued, I am posting these Final Thoughts sections on our studio blog). Teamwork seems like the next logical value to highlight as my team of teachers is positively the best!
Owning a dance studio, or any business for that matter, can often be a lonely undertaking.  As you all know, or are about to discover, I operate the business side of the studio entirely by myself.  I am the administrative assistant, bookkeeper, social media programmer, office manager, website designer… whatever it is you are looking for, I am your answer.  I am your sole point of contact at the studio.

However, what I don’t do by myself anymore is teach 57 classes.  Instead, I have hired the most qualified, experienced, caring, professional, creative and kind group of dance educators to teach your children.  Our faculty has been together as a unit for 4 years.  On average, each of these amazing individuals has been at All That Jazz for 10 plus years.  We work seamlessly as a group and we are there to support each other and, even more importantly, our students, your children, as a result.

This concept of teamwork is passed down through my staff into every one of our classes.  Dancers are encouraged to cheer each other on as they perform their dance combinations in smaller groups.  If a child isn’t understanding a particular step, another student will often help them to master it.

Sometimes at the beginning of class, we will go around in a circle and share a quick high and low from the week.  It is always so touching to witness these moments.  When a child (no matter if they are 8 or 18) shares that they got a good grade on the math test that they had been so worried about and the rest of the class cheers for them, my heart swells.  When another child says that actually they have had a tough week, the rest of the class is there to listen, hug, and offer their support.

I truly consider the dance steps as secondary to the life lessons and life skills that we are teaching at All That Jazz.  Yes, the choreography and dance technique is important and we take that seriously as well!  And, we very much hope that all of our students will continue to dance in some capacity for the rest of their lives.  However, what we know is that these children will be a part of a team for sure for the rest of their lives.  First, as part of a class in school and then perhaps on a sports team or performing in a school musical and, finally, as an employee at a job some day.

Our hope is that our dancers will take this core value of Teamwork learned and perfected within our dance studio walls and apply it over and over throughout their whole lives.

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