“No Drama, no competition… just pure love of dance”- Miss Lindsay Andersen

Miss Lindsay at All That Jazz

We are so lucky to have had the wonderful, incomparable Miss Lindsay Andersen teaching at All That Jazz Dance Studio for 10 years!  Miss Lindsay’s warmth and nurturing attitude just shine through in every dance class she teaches, not to mention every student interaction she has had over the past decade.

Miss Lindsay continues to be such an integral part of our All That Jazz dance family and hear why she values her time here so much during our live chat.  Her love for her students and for all of her dance classes is just so evident.

This quote is just a sample of why Miss Lindsay loves teaching at All That Jazz and why she thinks our students are just so special:  “Over the past 10 years.. all of my students have just had this desire to learn, and grow, and have fun and everybody’s just very inclusive and… we’re just very much a family and very much a family environment.”

Enjoy listening to Miss Lindsay’s own dance journey and learn a little bit more about her history at All That Jazz.

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