Miss Deb at SOU in Orlando

“Taking the leap.”  We always encourage our dancers to take the leap- both literally and figuratively.  Clearly, in dance classes, all kinds of physical leaps are learned.  Leaping is just fun and in all of my classes, from the youngest kids to the oldest kids, every time I say “okay, go to the corners and let’s leap,” I am met with squeals of joy and excitement.  There is just something about soaring through the air and using your muscles to engage in this manner that is both freeing and exhilarating.

But, we also aim to teach our All That Jazz Dance Studio students to take figurative leaps of faith every week as well.  Trust your teachers that we are challenging you but always in a doable way.  Trust your peers that when you all work hard and try your best, the end outcome will be amazing.  Trust yourself that over time, you will grow and improve so much that what you achieve will astound even yourself.

This upcoming week, I am finding myself having to take my own leap.  I am heading off to a dance studio owner conference in Orlando… by myself.  I am so fortunate to be a part of this wonderful select group of dance studio owners from around the world; More Than Just Great Dancing.  While I’m so looking forward to meeting these inspiring people in person, learning from the best in the industry and making some wonderful connections, I’m also a little nervous! 

Will I make friends?  Will I feel awkward when everyone else is heading off to their dinner reservations made 6 months in advance and I’m heading off to room service because I didn’t?  I know this seems so silly and I’m sure I will be fine, but it does make me appreciate our students’ experience in dance class even more.  All the emotions I am feeling today are what they could be feeling every single week.  As an adult, I know this leap I’m about to take is an important one and will benefit both myself and my business in the hopefully not too long run.  As a kid, it can be hard to see past the nerves initially and my hope is that we teachers can help lessen these fears and create a safe and productive environment for all.

So for the next 4 days, I will be taking my figurative leap by going out of my comfort zone and trying to learn as much as possible to better All That Jazz.  But, no worries, starting Friday, I will be back to performing my literal leaps in my classes!

Miss Deb Vogel and Misty Lown

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