Why I choose to take dance class at All That Jazz Dance Studio

I have been dancing at All That Jazz Dance Studio for my whole life.  And, I really do mean my whole life, if you count my very first recital as the one that took place when my mom was still pregnant with me!  You see, my mom is Miss Deb.  

This past year was a really big year for my mom and the dance studio.  It was our 20th anniversary and I decided that a really nice way to celebrate this BIG occasion was to create a special book for my mom.  My closest dance friends (more about them later!) and I asked almost every current student, plus lots of graduates, to write down what made All That Jazz so important to them.

“Wow! 20 years of All That Jazz! 20 years of inspiring thousands of children to dance! That is a huge accomplishment and you should be really proud, but before I get into all the heartfelt stuff that will hopefully make you cry (in a happy way), I want to tell you why we made this book. 20 years is a huge accomplishment, but it has not been all fun and games getting to this point. Sometimes, it can be really tough. For instance, every year seniors graduate and it makes you so sad.  (Especially this year with this awesome group of 21 girls!)  And, it can be SO MUCH WORK.  Like, during the whole month of May and the first part of June…

Anyways, during these tough times and hard work, I hope that you will always remember how much your students care and love you. In this book, tons of students wrote long and short paragraphs about why they love you and this studio.  I hope you will always look back at this book and remember how you make each and every one of your students feel so good about themselves in a positive and non-judgmental environment. 

Now, onto the heartfelt stuff! I have been dancing at All That Jazz for as long as I remember. Over the years it has become a second home to me. I have met many of my best friends there, whom I know I will keep in touch with for life. When I am dancing, I can truly be myself and I don’t care what others think. Dancing is my absolute favorite thing to do and that is mainly because of you and definitely because of All That Jazz.

Some people will assume that I have to dance because my mom owns a dance studio, but that is not true. I choose to dance because I love it.

Although we have had lots of talks in dance class and you have given us lots of mottos that have helped make each and everyone of us a better person, my favorite will always be to “Smile and Have Fun!” 

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