“Inclusive, Fun and Family”- Sophie, Class of ’21

Dance Studio Newton

Every year, we have approximately between 10-20 seniors graduating.  In 2020, we have 14 incredible seniors.  We are starting this year a new and exciting way to honor each of these amazing young adults- a day to celebrate them!  They are handed over the controls of our Instagram account and then they post on our story all day long.

We then finish out their special day by doing an Instagram Live chat with Miss Deb Vogel.  It’s been so awesome hearing in their own words what makes All That Jazz so special to them and such an important part of their lives.

It is just so much more than simply dance classes.  As Sophie Rego said so eloquently in her interview “At All That Jazz, you are not just getting a family… but you’re learning so much technique and the dance education is very, very strong.”

You can find our whole conversation on our youtube channel, as well as on IGTV and Facebook.  Enjoy!

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