All That Jazz Class of ’19: Dance lessons and more!

Some departing thoughts from our graduating seniors…

Rene Miller– “What I love about All That Jazz Dance Studio- All That Jazz is a very special place to me. I love how inclusive Ms. Deb and all the teachers make it. As a dancer, I feel like I am learning and growing from them and all of the other amazing dancers around me, while still having so much fun. It is a place to go to get away from everything thing else and simply dance your heart out. I love the All That Jazz family that I get to come to every week, it really does feel like such a tight knit and loving community!

What I will miss about All That Jazz- I think about the saying, “Smile and have fun!” a lot. I think in life we are often in rushes to be places, or stressing about making something perfect. We don’t get enough fun time! Or time to just feel happy and not worry about getting everything 100% correct! I am going to miss hearing this saying throughout the year and remembering how much Ms. Deb cares for all of us and our happiness. I don’t want to think about not having our little sharing circles when we get back from vacation, or doing the Monster Mash on Halloween week, or finally getting “stellar” on the dance-o-meter.  I will actually be sad about not coming to class every week and getting yelled at for talking to Yael and Adrianne… or maybe I won’t miss that part as much. I can’t wait to come back and visit!! So many memories and so so so many timesteps have been made at one of my favorite places, All That Jazz.

I will be attending the University of the Arts for BFA Musical Theatre in Philadelphia. “

Julia Peller– “All That Jazz has been a second home to me for so many years. Dance class is a highlight of my week and I am always looking forward to it. I always feel welcome and dancing never fails to put me in a good mood. From going to All That Jazz, I have learned to be both graceful and hardworking in and out of the dance school. My favorite dance memories come from assisting classes with Miss Deb, dance conventions, and the recitals which are my absolute favorite time of the year.

I can’t believe my time at All That Jazz is almost over, it has truly gone by so quickly. I will always be thankful for the best teacher I could’ve asked for and the love of dance that All That Jazz has given me. I could never imagine my life without this experience.

Next year, I am going to Boston University and I am already planning to continue dancing there. I’m hoping to join a dance club or team and possibly even minor in dance! It will feel strange not going to All That Jazz every week but I know I will always remember to smile and have fun, and since I’ll be nearby, I’ll be back to visit all the kids dance classes often!”

Hannah Stolzenthaler– “I started dancing at All That Jazz when I was two years old in a mommy and me class. During my time at All That Jazz I have taken multiple different genres of dance lessons, but I’ve really found a love for jazz, which I have been doing for the past four years.

I have loved challenging myself with learning different styles of dance, and I appreciate Miss Deb for providing a safe and encouraging environment for me to do so.

I always look forward to going to dance class because It puts me in a happy mood and gives me a break from the stress in life. Whenever I go to dance I know that I will have a fun time while being around positive and enthusiastic people.

I will miss the welcoming and supportive All That Jazz community, and never forget the fun memories I’ve made. I will miss the feeling of finally executing a dance move successfully after many many attempts. Next fall, I will be attending Skidmore College, and hopefully continue to dance there.”

Yael Dekel– “I have been dancing at ATJ for 14 years and it has been quite a journey! I have danced almost every type of dance, even the sister’s dance, and had the insane privilege of being the first class to dance at the new studio!

Miss Deb and all of the other talented teachers in the studio have taught me so much over the years. Whether it was hitting that pose and spotting the mirror or smiling and having fun, I have benefitted so much from it all.

Miss Deb’s mantra of “smile and have fun” is truly what this studio is all about. It taught me that of course skill and technique is important, but enjoying yourself and being confident comes above all else.

I will miss the musical hula hoops, the sparkly costumes, the crazy recital days, and the list goes on. But most importantly, I will miss the feel of walking into the studio and being greeted by all the familiar faces of ATJ.

Thank you to Miss Deb and all of the other beautiful teachers who have taught for so long! I will cherish the memories and the lessons forever?”

Always remember to… Smile and Have Fun!

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