Passion and Fun- our third highlighted Core Value

passion and fun core value of All That Jazz

Passion and Fun.  Our next highlighted Core Value in our monthly newsletter series including Family, Teamwork, Inclusion, and Building Self-Esteem.  Just a  reminder that if you have missed any of my previous Final Thoughts, you can find them all on our studio blog.  Highlighting Passion and Fun seems like the perfect lead in to Studio Showcase Week (family observation week)!
I always chuckle a little when people say to me “wow, you own your own dance studio?  That must be so much fun!”  While it is a lot of fun owning the dance studio, the true fun occurs during our actual dance classes.  Even after all these years (I have been dancing since I was 3 years old and teaching in some capacity since 1995), I still love to dance and move.  And, nothing makes me happier than when I see that light-bulb turn on in one of our students.

A quick story that happened in one of my classes last week.  The youngest group of dancers that I personally teach is 6-8 year olds.  They are like little sponges and I absolutely love this class on Monday nights!  This past week, Ella (age 8) came in after Thanksgiving and said “Look, Miss Deb, I added a ball change to the tap step you taught us last week!”  She literally spent time thinking over vacation about how the timing could still work if she just changed one shuffle into a ball change.  I mean, how amazing is that??

This is just one example of what my staff and I see every week, every day, every class.  We are so privileged to be able to live out our life-long love and passion for dance and we never take it for granted.

Owning All That Jazz is fun… and a lot of work.  Teaching at All That Jazz and being given the opportunity to create fun classes and inspire the next generation to have the same passion for dance as I do, well, that is why I do what I do!

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