Will you be an All That Jazz “Fan for Life?”

ballet/tap class

Back to school for me!  I have been given the honor of joining a selective international group of dance studio owners.  I attended my first virtual retreat in January and it was amazing!  We listened to speakers literally from all over the world and I have come away from it totally inspired, rejuvenated and ready to tackle whatever challenges lie ahead.

If you get a chance, google the Savannah Bananas.  They are a professional baseball team out of Georgia and their owner was one of our speakers.  What a character!  He only dresses in a yellow tux and top hat (not joking!) and his goal is to entertain during the games.  It’s less about the actual playing of baseball and more about creating “fans for life.”

This concept really struck a cord with me.  I hope that I too am creating an environment where our dance families become fans for life- one where long after your child graduates and gets their senior flower on stage from me, someone mentions All That Jazz at a dinner party (remember, this is future times!) and your immediate response is “oh, yes, what a wonderful experience that was for my child and our family!”  Side note, you have my permission to also add in, “wow, that Miss Deb must be so old by now, is she really still dancing?!”

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