Happy Dancing Memories, by a Class of 2018 Graduate

I can’t pick just one favorite memory from my time at All That Jazz, so I’ll pick a feeling. I will always remember what it feels like to finish the All That Jazz kick line at the end of a show, turn around and pose. The lights are too bright to see anyone so we just smile and maybe do some jazz hands. I love the satisfaction of a successful show and the joy of all the dancers. We know Miss Deb will be proud that we smiled and had fun.

I don’t know what I would do without dance so I am planning to continue dancing at Brandeis University after a gap year in Israel. I am so sad to leave All That Jazz because I know that there will be many times when an inside joke or a funny story comes up and no one is there to say, “What the heck, Todd,” but since I will be nearby for college I definitely plan on coming back to visit.

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