Brand New! Recital Production Class- Bonding and Fun

Dancers at first recital production class

“Passion & Fun, Family, Inclusion, Teamwork, Building Self-Esteem.”  These are the all important Core Values of All That Jazz Dance Studio in Newton, MA.   At our dance school we strive to look at the larger picture as much as possible.  Yes, we hope that all of our students will become amazing dancers and we teachers work very hard on curriculum and choreography to accomplish that goal.  However, we also understand that even the term “amazing dancers” is subjective, let alone the actual outcome, and that is why we very much like to focus on the child as a whole.  Why not strive to help create amazing people and future leaders in society, in addition to teaching excellent dance technique?

I hope that you were able to get a feel for how we embody, employ and infuse these Core Values into all of our classes over Showcase Week.  I knew our week was off to a good start when in the very first class on that Saturday morning, a toddler parent turned to me and said “I had no idea how creative this class actually was!  Miss Ellen does such wonderful activities with the kids!”  Dance class at All That Jazz is about so much more than just learning how to properly pointe your toes and getting that perfect split.  At the most basic level, it’s about the joy of movement and working towards an end of year goal with a group of like-minded peers.  And, at the higher levels, it’s about creating a special home away from home, being surrounded by life-long friends and forming impactful relationships with adult role models.

With all of these Core Values in mind, Miss Samantha approached me this summer about starting up a Recital Production Class.  She felt strongly that the one thing that was missing from our All That Jazz community was the ability for younger kids and older kids to interact together on a regular basis.  We have seen over the years how much the “little kids” look up to the “big kids,” especially as it pertains to class assistants etc.  And, we know how these same big kids love being leaders and showing the next generation of dancers all the good times that lie ahead for them.  So, when Miss Samantha suggested this multi-age, multi-level group recital dance, I immediately agreed!

We are so excited about this dance and can’t wait for the first “full-cast” rehearsal to begin on Jan. 22nd.  We hope to implement a whole big sibling/little sibling concept and create plenty of opportunities for our older dancers to fully embrace their leadership potential.  And, for our younger dancers, the sky’s the limit in terms of the benefits of this class.  Not only does this give these elementary school kids the chance to get to know some of our incredible veteran dancers, but it also will help to cement the bond with each other that will only continue to grow and blossom as the years progress.

I wish that we had thought of this years ago and am just thrilled that we are beginning it in honor of our 25th anniversary this year!

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