Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Enroll Your Child at All That Jazz

dancers at all that jazz

10)  Flexible Dance Class Schedule

Students can take as many or as few classes as they wish.  Classes are offered 7 days/week with many weekend options for working parents.

9)  The Best Faculty in the Business

Our dance school teachers are experienced, cutting edge and, above all else, caring and nurturing to all of their students.  Miss Deb Vogel, in addition to being the Studio Director, still teaches many of the classes herself and maintains close attention to all classes and students.  Rest assured, your children will feel loved and safe in each and every class.

8)  Innovative Classes

From the “classics” of ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop and contemporary to musical theater triple threat to jazzswing to lyrical jazz, our dance classes are challenging but always fun!

7)  A Focus on Technique

From our youngest students to our graduating seniors, all dancers at All That Jazz will learn proper technique.  It is just taught in such an exciting manner that children are often amazed as to how much they have learned throughout the year!

6)  Building Self-Esteem

Our goal at All That Jazz Dance Studio is to help parents develop self-assured and self-confident young adults.  It is a very simple formula really:

Happy Dancers=Happy Children=Happy and Thriving Adults in the future!

5)  Classes Start at Age 2

Our Pre-School Dance Program is beyond compare.  Led by Miss Ellen Frank, our Creative Movement, Pre-Ballet/Tap and Broadway Babies classes are all  age-appropriate with a focus on setting the foundation for a love of dance for years to come!

4)  Inclusive Environment

Whether your child is the next Misty Copeland or Bruno Mars or just wants to learn how to be slightly more coordinated in PE class, All That Jazz welcomes every student with the same level of love and care.

3)  Non-Competitive Class Structure

In keeping with the warm and welcoming philosophy of All That Jazz, our dancers do not compete.  Instead, we perform throughout the year at various community events and fairs and our annual recitals are not to be missed!

2)  “Smile and Have Fun” Philosophy

Our students become outstanding dancers, but they do so while feeling so good about themselves because they are constantly encouraged to “Smile and Have Fun!”  Positive reinforcement is always in play at All That Jazz.  Our goal is to inspire the next generation to achieve anything and everything they desire- including how to be the best dancers they can be!

1) All of the Above!!  

Register today to join our wonderful dance community!

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