What I will miss about All That Jazz in college next year

I’ve been dancing at All That Jazz for as long as I can remember, and my favorite memories come from the Sundays of recital, bonding with the other girls over the heat, quick changes, make up help, and lunch plans. That day can be a long haul, but I look forward to it every year, for more reasons than finally getting to show all of our dances!

Next year, I will be attending Georgetown University, and I will miss the familiarity of ATJ and all of the people there. After seeing them for multiple days a week, every week, college is going to be a bit of a difficult change. I’m so thankful to Miss Deb and all of the other teachers and dancers for being there for me for all of these years, and, although I’m sad to leave, I’m excited to dance in college and take all that ATJ has taught me along with me into the future!

~Lucy Doyle, Class of 2018

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