The lessons I have learned at All That Jazz

All That Jazz’s motto is “smile and have fun,” and it is fully embodied by all of its dancers. 

Dance is a paradise-like break from normalcy and it has molded me into the person I am today.

My dance community has boosted my confidence, opening countless doors for me. Dance has always been there at the end of a bad day.  Dance has tested my memory, patience, and physical limits. I would be a much worse version of myself without my teachers and friends there.

Recently, my teacher, Miss Heather, proclaimed, “dance is my favorite thing. I get to do my favorite thing every single day.” She spoke with a fulfilled pride that pushed me to do just that: to find my favorite thing and to do it every single day. I do not know what that thing is yet, but I know that when I find it I will have the confidence that dance has given me so that I can pursue it every single day.

~Hayden Weaver, Class of 2018

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