The excitement and anticipation of recital season

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Excitement and anticipation. You know that tingly feeling you get when you realize that all of your hard work is about to pay off and what you’ve been dreaming about for a really long time is actually going to occur?  Well, your child is about to experience this sensation perhaps for the very first time on stage at the recitals.  And, let me tell you from both a mom’s point of view, as well as the studio owner’s point of view, it’s pretty amazing to witness!

All of the dancers, from the youngest to the oldest, have been working so hard on learning their recital choreography and many of the classes have either finished or are about to finish the dances in the next couple weeks.

But, it’s so much more than just learning and perfecting the dance steps.

Dance is not just a physical activity, it’s also very much a mental one as well.  Our students have to remember multiple placements/spots in every dance.  They have to fully engage their brains in order to remember the actual order of the choreography.  We teach our dancers all about muscle memory and how truly incredible it is that their bodies can recall week after week what to do.  

But, your child probably doesn’t care about the mental benefits of dancing on their brain.  What your child does care about is how good they feel about themselves when they are dancing.  And, how much fun they are having as they practice their recital dance amongst their dance friends.  And, how rewarding it is to hear their teacher say “that’s it, that’s your final pose!  You’ve done it!!!”

I can feel the excitement and anticipation building now as I enter the studio every day.  The kids can’t wait to get their costumes after April vacation.  They are so proud of themselves and they are beginning to picture themselves on stage and performing in front of their families and friends.  I can’t wait for all of our new families (and, of course, our veteran families, too!) to experience the magic of Recital Day.  Wait until the May newsletter when I tell you all about our mantra of Smile and Have Fun…

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