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Building Self-EsteemWe are down to our final highlighted Core Value at All That Jazz, Building Self-Esteem.  In case you missed or wish to revisit my previously highlighted values of Family, Passion & Fun, Teamwork and Inclusion, you can find them on our blog.  Particularly given the state of what we have all been through over the past 2 years (and are still not completely done with), I think that this core value of Building Self-Esteem just may be the most important one of all.

Whenever I speak to a new prospective family, I am always ready to answer all of their questions about our studio, classes and philosophy.  However, interestingly, I would say the vast majority of these conversations have nothing to do with the actual content of the classes.  Unless you grew up dancing and lived in our world, nobody really seems to care about whether their child is going to learn a proper pas de bourrée, plié or jazz square.  (For the record, we absolutely do teach all of this proper technique!) 

Parents want to know if their child is going to be nurtured, make friends and gain confidence.  And, to these most important questions, the answer is a resounding YES and so much more.

The actual dance steps are so secondary.  The pride our dancers feel when they master the dance steps, that is what is so crucial to us.  And, it doesn’t matter what level or how old the child is- we celebrate every milestone.  From the 2 year old who finally gets off the ground while doing their hops on one foot… to the graduating senior getting their triple pirouette consistently… and everything in between, we are there cheering and encouraging our students, your children, always.

One final component to all of our core values, but especially this last one in terms of Building Self-Esteem, we don’t participate in dance competitions.  Our classes focus on teaching proper technique and fostering a life-long love and appreciation for the art of dance and joy of movement.  With so much competition in their everyday lives, our students deserve to have that one special place, where they feel safe and can grow their confidence.  My hope is that every child who walks up the stairs, pushes open our door and enters our studios, knows that they are valued, noticed and loved.  And, as a result, their Self-Esteem can SOAR!

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