“It just fits like a little dance family”- Miss Erin Janiszewski

Miss Erin, dance teacher at All That Jazz in Newton

Meet Miss Erin Janiszewski!  Miss Erin has been an incredible member of our staff for 7 years and her dance classes from the youngest students to the oldest dancers have become legendary!

Miss Erin embodies the All That Jazz philosophy in a nutshell.  Her dance classes are fun, fulfilling and challenging.  She meets her students where they are, while still gently pushing them to reach their highest potential at all times.

I absolutely love this quote from our interview:  “I feel like as a faculty, we’ve had this core group for so long and everything works and fits… it just fits like a little dance family.”

At All That Jazz, we ARE a dance family.  From our teachers to our students to their parents, we are all in this together.  Learn why Miss Erin feels this way as well during our live chat, enjoy!

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