I Did It! (aka lessons learned by Miss Deb at Studio Owner University)

Miss Deb at Studio Owner University in Florida
“I did it!”  Well, for those of you who read my Final Thoughts last month, you may be wondering how my Studio Owner University conference went…  I loved every minute of it!  My initial nerves evaporated at our first introduction circle when I met a new friend who happens to own a dance studio in Augusta, Maine- yes, that’s right, 20 minutes from where Gabby is attending college.  We instantly connected and still remain in touch now 4 weeks later.  We even met up with another studio owner from Virginia and the three of us enjoyed dinner at Chef Mickey’s that first night.  Yes, we did take lots of pictures with Mickey, Minnie and all the others!

I took pages and pages of notes and can’t wait to implement everything over these next couple months and beyond.  I think my biggest takeaway is communication.  I have always prided myself on my communication skills and I will continue to find even more ways to reach all of our families.  This spring is going to require A LOT of communication and it is on me to make sure you have all of the necessary tools at your disposal so that you know exactly what, when and how everything is going to happen.  Feedback is also important and if you should feel that I haven’t explained something well enough, please do let me know.  More than likely, you won’t be the only confused person out there!

My other important takeaway from the conference once again draws the parallel with our students.  As I mentioned, I was nervous, but I was determined to conquer my fears because I knew the outcome would be so incredible.  Every dancer who tries a new step, learns the choreography, even just by entering the studio and taking class each week goes through this same range of emotions.  And, clearly, this all becomes quite heightened as the recital season approaches.  My greatest desire is for each and every student to have that same feeling of “I Did It!”  It may not always be easy and at times even a little scary, but when we all come out on stage and do our final kick-line during the finales on May 21st, the smiles on everyone’s faces will say it all.
Miss Deb with Mickey Mouse

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